Removing the frame

by Paron, May 26th 2021 © 2021 Paron

I used a Pilot Frixion Eraseable Marker to draw the framework, then used a colored pencil for the actual drawing.

10 seconds with a hair dryer and the framework is gone.

In addition to the critique of the drawing, what do you think of the idea of removing the framework? Good learning or not so good?

Polyvios Animations

Nice work on applying your erasable marker on the preliminary sketch, paron. That's pretty bold, indeed.

Well, just for future reference, I'm getting a bit too much cowardlyness and not enough boldness and confidence in those strokes there. Would you like to try and go with your Pilot Frixon Erasable Marker, with 15 minutes of 30 second pose warm-ups, with Draw-a-box, too? (15 x 60/30, 900/30=30 bodies for figure sketching quickly) (Beginning with Lesson 0)

The two reasons why is because, first of all, to make your gestures of the poses less stiffer, and more dynamic, energetic, and fluid (if that's gonna be your first goal); Second of all, Lesson 0 will be the first and foremost, most easiest, and furthermore, the most important, in getting your routine and repetition out of your system.

Please take this with a grain of salt, but this Drawabox is probably one of the most strongly structured of the online drawing and sketching tutorials there is here online.

Good luck, and I hope you've found those completely, definitely, and totally useful.


I think this critique is spot on. I tend to confuse "quick and bold" with "sloppy." So, I'm working on it!

Thanks for the feedback. I'm looking hard at DrawABox, too.

Rod Esteven

Although i think the process is cool of removign the frame work, i think you shold focus in just keep doing studies of poses. Leave the frame work, it wil aid you build a mental library and when you encounter a dificult pose or try to do a figure from imagination you will recall the frame work you did before. Don't waste hapy drawing time removing your past studies. Keep your drawings as they are, and latter on you wil notice your progress.

So make the frame work as long as you need to do it, mind the quality of your line and the flow of the gesture. Look how to draw gesture, videos like proko's in youtube would make you click on how to find the flow of the figure.

The lines of the legs on the second one looks really good but her arm looks broken! XD so its good to exagerate the pose but no too far jaja.

So, Focus in line quality, try no to make scratchy line. Better to do long flowy lines to underst better the pose and keep the Flow or the gesture of the figure. It's just lots of drawing but you'll inprove eventually.

You are almost there buddy ;) Happy Drawing.


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