line control practice

by Aunt Herbert, June 8th 2021 © 2021 Aunt Herbert
Mx. Abi

Oh line practice can be so boring

I LOVE the little dummy! I can do cross hatching forever. But pointelism puts me to sleep. I have made myself do some for practice and I want to die of boredom.

But it pays off! And I Can really see the progress! I am so happy for you!


I agree with MX. Abi, you're doing a great job, especially with the dummy. Keep practicing trying to create darker shades with your hatching, or like doing a gradient, that should help!

Polyvios Animations

Way to go, AuntHerbert, that's a greater job on your warm-up techniques on your brushstrokes.

If these are from, I must say, keep up the good work, and keep up with the practice until you think and feel like you've mastered it.

My criticism, though it has a lot of moments and promise in your lines and strokes (despite me not knowing enough of the warm-ups on Drawabox, that's the case for me), but I see some of the littlest lumps in the perception of the edges. Would you please loosen up with 45 warm-ups of 30 seconds each of each and every line here? (45 x 30s=1350 seconds)

The reason is because, though it can and will be useful, you'll be able to get a lot more dexterity mileage on this one. But that's not all, be sure to look up the line exercise on the Betty Edwards book or ebook or Kindle, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, 4th Edition.

Good luck, cheers, my hat's off to you and I hope you've found this completely and totally beneficial and useful.

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