Male body backbend

by Sarahjudd, June 14th 2021 © 2021 Sarahjudd

Done as part of a 1 hour class.

My current goal is: Improve my rendering of faces

Polyvios Animations

Great job on the most looseness of the outlines and lines, Sarahjudd. Very greatest job indeed at all!

So, if I was to suggest a completely and more totally honest feedback, it could and should be that though the pose and edges are perfectly readable in terms of the silhouette, I must say that some of the forms are not getting to be enough of the solidity in their structure and organic drawing. Would you kindly like to loosen up your dominant or non-dominant hand with a 30 minute class session of the figure poses of all kinds right here?

As a result, your proportions, angles, spaces and edges will become the least stiffest and the most solidest, fluidest and most importantly, the liveliest.

Good luck, and I hope you've found these absolutely concrete.

Aunt Herbert

I haven't got much experience with continuous line drawing myself and don't know much about the theory behind it, so I can't give you much ideas how to progress.

I like the way the tension between torso and thigh is expressed. The upper torso/ shoulder part appear to me a bit elongated, but I am not sure.


Oooh I love this.

Gardner Littleton

The first skill I would attack is line efficiency, there are a lot of lines that aren't necessary in communicating the form as seen in the torso and legs primarily. Look into making bolder marks, single lines to communicate the contour rather than several. I'm a little confused on if there's a particular technique you're using here. From the looks of it, blind contour or contour drawing is being emphasized with this work, if so bravo! you're doing well. Let us know in your description if you're using any particular techniques when attacking. Aside from those notes, coming to your note on rendering faces, I think how you're doing it currently is effective. The more lines in the torso distract from the simple marks for the face however, so that's where line efficiency will help. I think you're doing spectacularly well for assemblling the landmarks of the face, his nose here maybe a bit too short, but i'm not sure considering no reference, but even that I still see the face. The eyebrow and cheekbone stand out and the gap for the mouth is great, it feels very somber. These are great stylstic choces! It communicates quickly! However, i'm unsure of where your progress is as an artist, so these may be more points of confusion or having trouble putting down marks to begin with rather than making artistic choices, so with that praise, understand that once you can get a good foundation of a drawing down, then you can make stylistic choices which effect how your figure is read. I would do more contour study to get that foundation down. This video provides a lot of methods which help in assembling direction for bettering contour drawing.

After you understand the contour a bit more, move onto structure! I think methods 4 & 6 will be particularly helpful when you start breaking things down more. Please ask any questions you have, let me know if this makes sense, and if the videos direction helps too! Happy Drawing!


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