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Polyvios Animations

Well, nicest job on the clarity over ambiguity of that facial expression, Aunt Herbert. That is indeed, very, very, very, very great.

Welp, I really didn't wanna roast your face drawing the way you did mine equally, but you'd asked for it, you're in for it. I love how much of the caricature of the simplicity and the straights-against-curves, but I'm not getting enough of the backbreaking brutality and pain in the expression caricature and cartooning. Would you kindly like to work the fastest, furiously and funniest with 1 hour of 30 second quick faces? (120 expression drawings) (all flipped vertically and horizontally)

So I really, really need you to keep that in mind that this may and/or might be the one that yields you some of the cruddiest scribbles, but you completely need to be OK with those, but hey, at least it helps you improve your quantity. But that's not all! You'd be able to get that cartooniest line, like in any of the Wilhelm Busches' cartoons and illustrations.

Cheers to you, and I hope you'll find my suggestions illuminatingly and totally inspirational and influential.

Polyvios Animations.

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Have a nice slumber.

Aunt Herbert

Dear Polyvios,

I am happy with a good roast, but I am quite unsure about your criticisms. In a way, I am not 100% certain whether your words are meant to express what I would normally associate with them, and I am also unsure, whether your ideas of where you think I should go even match with my artistic goals.

You seem to always suggest doing a large amount of quick sketches, no matter what. Well, I mostly started my drawing selftraining at Quickposes.com, until I recently got the expression, that the owner of the page lost the interest in maintaining his own site. I yesterday checked my old account there, I done almost 20.000 sketches. And a majority of these sketches were made in 30 secs or 1 min. Plus the sketches I done from Croquis Cafe sessions, which sometimes start with even shorter warm-ups.

I can hardly believe, that at the point where I am, I am still gonna discover some completely new qualities in my drawing by doing more of what I already done so extensively. Off course I still do a lot of quick sketches, because I enjoy doing them, and to keep myself from getting rusty, but when I try to find new impulses to grow as an artist, I feel like I can gain more by also learning to draw slower and more deliberate, and by investigating which techniques and methods other artists use to achieve their results. Being spontaneous isn't all about being fast and suppressing rational choice, it also involves having a wide array of expressions to chose from.

I am very curious about your opinion on this image:

Note, that this one was done in a very slow and leisurely pace, like almost half asleep, just watching my brush do its own thing.

Please don't feel hurt when I sound very disagreeable with what you do. You express some very strong and sometimes strange opinions, and disagreeing with them is my honest opinion. But if I didn't feel a lot of sympathies with your artistic willpower and the amount of love and passion you put into your work, I wouldn't even bother mentioning this opinion to you.

In hope of continuing this conversation with you:


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