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by Hayunb97, June 23rd 2021 © 2021 Hayunb97

Funtime - I am doing my homework.

Aunt Herbert

An interesting effect with your drawing. From the thumbnail alone I thought this looks very odd, having it displayed big over my screen, I found it to look quite pleasant.

Your lines look nice, the details of the face are pretty. But with the crooked smile on the reference, the image would have needed a chin line or an ear to immediately establish how the head actually is oriented.

With the hand and hairline masking the outlines of the face, my eyes tried to sort the elements from what is actually visible first, and accepted her lips as anchoring vector, which made it appear like her left eye would be almost grotesquely displaced downward. Zooming in to your drawing lessens that effect a lot, but it still begs the question where the outlines of her face are actually supposed to be.

If I try to view your topmost lines as the actual top of her head, then her features are way too big for the face, and she is completely missing a forehead. If I imagine her hair to extend above what you drew, I can see how a complete head could be there, just covered a whole lot in curls, and negative spaces around those curls, where you might have just stopped drawing.

Polyvios Animations

Great job on your facial expression doodle, or something, Hayunb97.

I've got one tinier, smallest and littlest idea for improvement. Though this reminds me so very much of the cartoon sketches of Wilhelm Busch, but I'm not getting enough of the cartooniness and animation in that expressive mug. Will you please do us a favor and check out this link???? There you'll bookmark and put in the reading list, this webpage and all the images there. And while you're at it, please, please download all of those images on your hard disk drive and clould storage, then duplicate and rotate, then flip, and later rotate them?????

The reason is because, for two reasons only, first off, to help yourself get into observing and drawing on the right side of the brain. And second of all, to get you into the gestures of how you'd be able to figure out their vitality in the quick sketches that Wilhelm may and might've put out.

My hat's off to you, and I hope you've found this link completely and totally infomative and illuminating to you.


Hello Polyvios Animations,

On doodle or something was just for fun. Still I know there are the basic fundamentals.

Thank you for each critique and shared information. Although stiff and boring my goal is just to improve in figuratve drawing. No doubt about it will enhance my work.

Someday I hope to make my work pop.

In appreciation,


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