finding subtlety with ink

by Aunt Herbert, June 28th 2021 © 2021 Aunt Herbert

With this mini series I am well aware, that my proportions aren't 100% as perfect as I wished them to be, but my main focus is on finding a balance between leaving too much flat white and overpowering everything with distracting hatching patterns.

Polyvios Animations

Way to go on your way with subtlety with the brush ink lines, AuntHerbert.

My critique is that though your subleties are already superlative, but your broader strokes are not broadest enough. Would you please draw largest and longest lines with with 1 hour of 20 second quick faces and expressions (3600/20=180) Also, with one of these inspirational and influential images here:

Gerald Scarfe, Rolling Stones

The reason why you could, would and should do this suggestion to improve is because, in reality, it's the hardest to do all the subtleites, but the free-est to do the most jaw-droppingly broadest strokes with those facial edges.

Good luck with your current goal.

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