finding subtlety with ink

by Aunt Herbert, June 28th 2021 © 2021 Aunt Herbert

With this mini series I am well aware, that my proportions aren't 100% as perfect as I wished them to be, but my main focus is on finding a balance between leaving too much flat white and overpowering everything with distracting hatching patterns.

Polyvios Animations

Greatest and goodest job, AuntHerbert, greatest job on your proportion subtleties in ink and brush pen.

I've got one tinest, smallest and littlest suggestion for you: I love the boldness of the contours here, but I'm not getting enough of the fastest ones right away with your subtlest quick sketches. Would you please loosen up your hands even more than more, with 2 hours of 16 second face warm-ups? (7200/16=450/8 days=56 sketches of faces a day)

The reason why you should do this littlest idea is because, to make your subtleties of your expressions the least forced, and the most dynamic, vital, and energetic. For more info, be sure to pick up a PDF of Andrew Loomis' Fun With a Pencil and Drawing the Head and Hands.

Good luck to you and your goals.

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