by Sem, July 7th 2021 © 2021 Sem

Done as part of a 30 minute class. Focus was on slowing down to better find the line of action and getting the proportions of the chest/head, as per the critique from the last sketch.

These short sketches feel a lot better, thanks to those who helped critique last time!

Aunt Herbert

You are on the right track. Definitely keep up the daily practice. A hot tip with very good advice is the site proko.com.

Just do the free courses, they cover all the essentials, and if you reach a point where you are impressed with your progress, and have money to spare, you can decide to buy a premium course to show your gratitude. You'll only get access to a few extra ressources, which are nice to have, but not essential.

Polyvios Animations

Nice job on how stick-figure-y your quick poses, are, Sem, they're great. I love how deliberate they are.

If I could point out one issue, or problem, it could be that I'm not gettin just about enough of the deliberation and slickness of the quicker poses here. Would you please be a little most boldest of the lines, in one, literal stroke, with 30 minutes of 29 second quickest attitude sketches? (1800/29=62 quickest scribble poses) The reason why you would do this is because, if you do quick sketches with each new practice, then your figure's lines will become the most soulful with deliberation, always.

Hope this helped.

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