How should I do gestures

by Wretchedlead, July 9th 2021 © 2021 Wretchedlead

I am a complete novice just started drawing. I have seen some tutorials on drawing stick figures and building the figure up but I have also seen some simplified figures for gesture drawing. Is there a particular method or is this a sort of choice that you choose what best works for you?


A good sense of movement and activity. It is by no means detailed and does not convey any individual personality. As such while it conveys movement it does not always convey a realistic sense of the mover, since some of the moves would be physically impossible for a human being. Good start for a novice


Thank you! I'm still working on how detailed to be with a gesture. I did these ones in about 30 secs and try to be more detailed with longer ones. Still have a ways to go.

Polyvios Animations

Nicest work on your stick figure quick sketches, wretched, that's a very exceptional start. Nice work on your weight and balance earlier on.

I'm really, completely and totally not getting enough of the cartoonier, more caricatured and most distorted feeling of the c and s curves with your quicker drawings. Would you please do 1 hour of 29 second quickest sketches???? (3600 seconds/29 seconds=125 quickest poses and attitudes, all in blind contour(drawn completely without looking at the paper))

The reasoning is because, it goes back to what Marshall says, and used to say is, you've gotta know when to draw slowly and carefully, and when to draw recklessly and confidently.

Good luck, and I hope these all helped you the most.

Aunt Herbert

How should you do gesture?

#1 answer is probably: more! Practice takes time.

#2 the third figure from the top on the left side is the best, with its simple indication of hips and chest. Understanding "the three masses", i.e. hip, chest and head, and how they correlate is way more important than the position of limbs early on.

#3 Don't try to save money on paper. Draw big.

Joshua Chronstedt

Nice work, the one with a triangles for hip and torso is the best. try doing a whole page in that style.

Brent Evistons course on gesture drawing is excellent.

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