by vallurietje, July 13th 2021 © 2021 vallurietje
Aunt Herbert

The lady in the left lower corner looks well constructed and clearly readable, the other figures show a bit of struggle with various details. As far as I can pin down the problem from observation, I would say that the form of the ribcage, and the way it connects to clavicus, shoulder joints and back seems to be at the center of the problem, especially when drawn from above.

Maybe some anatomical practice just focussing on this parts of the skeleton could help you find them easier in the reference? So, just the bones themselves in 3d?

To a smaller extent, there are some instances, where you just forget to follow through lines after obscuration. Most clear example is the other foot of the lady standing in the lower right, which is just missing, but also on the three sketches on the top there seem to be some lines or forms, that don't seem to continue as they should.


Thank you for your critique, it's really helpful!

I do struggle with the ribcage in 3D, I don't "get it" yet. Thanks for pointing that out, I need to focus on that.
Not counting the lower right foot, (I don't know what happened there honestly,) not following through my lines at times is mostly time-related. I tend to get lost in the details when I'm drawing so when I do 2-minute excercises I often don't even get the general shapes down because halfway through I'll get distracted by something small. I'm trying to work on that, literally every drawing I uploaded to my sketchbook today was supposed to be a 2-minute drawing but 9 out of 10 times I just pause the slideshow and keep going after the 2 minutes are done haha.

thanks again!

Polyvios Animations

Nice job on all your nude drawings, vallurietje. Nicer work on your gestural construction. What I love about that nude is how well articulated this back shot is. Thanks for posting. I've got one tiny, littler request: I love how much fluidity of the lines are, but I really, really, really don't get enough of them right away, as lines of action and rhythm are concerned. Would you please be able to do 30 minutes of 29 second lines of action for the poses of varying nudity????(1800/29=62 quick poses)

The premise behind this critique is, have yourself work out on rendering out your lines of action with 5 lines or the least with CSI (c-curves, s-curves and straights) That way, your attitudes of your nudes and non-nudes will be come the most organic, fluidy and cartoony and funny.

Good luck.


Yes you are right, I need to practice with shorter poses to capture the essence of a pose ti make my drawings a bit more dynamic and improve proportions. thank you!

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