Session 07-14-2021

by Atom94, July 14th 2021 © 2021 Atom94

pose 5 mn


amazing work..keep going with your it..

Aunt Herbert

First thing I liked was the thumbnail, which means, that composition, distribution of dark and light and silhouette work fine.

The big picture close up reveals some beautiful forms you found, especially for the bright side of your drawing. The irregular hatching adds a lot of disturbance to the image, which is OK as an artistic decision, but still poses the question, whether it's really the best decision.

On closer inspection the hatching seems to hide a problem with the right side of the torso. There also seems to have been a hand extended behind the back, which got lost by darkening and thus losing contrast.

I am probably so critical of the hatching, as this is clearly a problem, that I am struggling with, too. As I said, it works OK-ish, mainly on the strength of the overall composition, but this is probably the area which would improve the overall quality the most, if you found a more deliberate solution.


thanks Aunt Herbert for your constructive critique

Your're right. the hatchings on the right side of the torso is not good. First, because I could not see very well this part of the picture which was completely dark (on my screen) and also the limit between the body and the foreground.

I usually draw without using too much hatchings and this is certainly a point that I must improve.

Polyvios Animations

Nicer job on your 5 minute nude pose with shading, atom94. Very great job, indeed.

If I was to suggest an improvement in there, it could and should be that your body is not caricatured and really not exaggerated in the graphic gestures and forms enough, organically. Would you kindly go ahead of 6 minutes of 2 minute poses?

The reason is because of this Drawing with Jazza video here.


This video has this part about the one-picture repeat. It's all about the repetitive part of drawing practice. I know it's gonna be a bit too boring for you, just trust me, it'll be worth it in the end!

Good luck with you and your goal.


Thank you. Useful video indeed. I take all the advice which may improve my drawing technique

Joshua Chronstedt

Nice lighting and proportions. I think this one would be even better if you use long, flowing, confident lines and accentuate the lines closest to the viewer.


Thanks Joshua for your advices. It will be helpful. Indeed I must improve lines ans hatchings. To create elegant drawing.

Tx Williep

I like your drawing very much. Excellent job on the foreshortening of the left leg. Foreshortening is a problem for most people. You might want to do a quick study of anatomy so your shading can more closely for the muscle structure of the body. It would bring the work more closely together for the viewer. Do more of this type of drawing. You might want to use Pinterest to get a wider view of other works that you could learn from. Remember: Practice makes better.


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