by Slvsh, July 19th 2021 © 2021 Slvsh
Aunt Herbert

Nice construction with simple lines, clear 3d forms and no unnecessary details.




I cant critique this- I cant even draw feet myself- lol nice sketches!!

Polyvios Animations

Great work on your organic forces and forms of feet, slvsh.

My littlest nitpick in the universe could and would be that your forms and forces of the feet are the teensiest bit too soft and literal. Would you please draw loosest, largest and liveliest lines and shapes of feet with 2 hours of 29 second hand and foot scribbles? (7200/29/10 days, 248/10= about 25 a day) (Naw, they don't have to be very good or perfect)

The logic behind it is because of this video:


This video is quite useful, it's full of advice that appliest not only to figure studies, but it goes well with anything. Especially rendering the gestures from all angles.

My hat's off to you, and cheers.

Tx Williep

I have looked at your works and they are at a high level. You need to move your effort up to a more challenging level. Find poses that will challenge you.

You can use the Line-of-Action site or try http://reference.sketchdaily.net/en

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Joey The Drawing Giant

Great line work, very steady hand!


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