1 minute sketches

by Aunt Herbert, July 31st 2021 © 2021 Aunt Herbert

I like your gesture lines. You manage to create the movement of the body and shape of the body in a few strokes. I would select the next thing you want to focus on. Maybe, completing the gesture drawing of the entire body or adding more minutes to complete a drawing.

Polyvios Animations

I love your gestural lines, Aunt Herbert, cause you've done a greater job that I've ever had. You managed to create the range of movement in the body and the shape and form of the body in the fewest strokes.

I would be able to suggest the next thing for you to work on. I love what you're going with in your motion in the body, hands and feet, and I think you're on the right track, but I'm not getting enough of the smoothness and rawness in your strokes. Would you kindly loosen up your edges and brushstrokes with 1 hour of 59 second pose warm-ups, thru our custom timer? (all flipped normal, horizontal, and/or vertical) (3600/59=about 61 scribbly warm ups.)

The reason why you should and could do this suggestion is because to help out making your body's motion the least stiffest and the most dynamic, energetic, vital and fluid. here, check out this link here, if you're curious about enough quick sketches. And some of the Mike Mattessi books on Amazon.

Cheers to you and your goals, and I hope these materials have inspired, encouraged, educated and informed you and your current goals.

Tx Williep

I had not heard from you for a while. I was getting worried about you. You are back. You are doing quick sketches as practice. Very good. You can easily go from here to finished drawings. Action and movement are what these will provide you. I do not know how long these sketches were, but, they were probably not too long (a minute or so?). Excellent practice.

Aunt Herbert

Thanks for the reminder. I am gonna post some stuff. I wasn't happy with my results lately, but, well, I'll just post what I have.

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