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by 1 Joshuaart1, August 2nd 2021 © 2021 1 Joshuaart1

Done as part of a 30-minute class.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses.

Theo is amazing when it comes to dynamic poses.

I also have an Instagram where I post my daily sketches: Juosham2d

Polyvios Animations

Say! 1 Joshuaaart, you must totally, really know where you're going with these figure drawings. I think that your figure poses are definitely on the right track, and I feel you could keep working on those figures, faces, expressions, hands and feet just a little bit more. I just love the solid drawing, weight and balance in the poses.

My critique is just what I'd mentioned before. Would you please loosen, lighten, liven up and draw the largest and longest drawings and lines, with 30 minutes of 10 minute poses?? (3 sketches)

The reason why you would, could and should do this littlest suggestion is because, to help you draw your lines the longest, largest, loosest, lightest and liveliest with the most organic shapes and forms.

Good luck, and happy drawing, and I hope this has been helpful and informative

1 Joshuaart1

Thank You! I will definitely do that.

Tx Williep

Amazing 30 second drawings. I think focusing on the spine and weight will help your poses look balanced. It feels like the characters are falling.

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