Practicing heads and anatomy

by Jimijimo, August 13th 2021 © 2021 Jimijimo

Hello there, I'm trying to get better at anatomy and faces overall, and while I have gotten better since I started I'm still far from satisfied. The bodies to the left are 5 minutes each and the heads to the right are 10 minutes each (although the one on the bottom was left unfinished still had around 3 minutes left but the power went out)

Aunt Herbert

Hot tip for heads: Search for Andrew Loomis and head. There is somewhere the pdf for his original book on the web, and about a thousand tutorials based on his method. It has some problems when you become very advanced and want to really pick out individual faces from reference, but it is an incredibly good beginner's tool, and just about anybody who spent more than a few hours drawing portraits is familiar with his method, because it is just so good. Totally worth your time.


I've heard of it but haven't given it a go yet! will look into it and practice it tomorrow thank you!

Polyvios Animations

That's a very, very, very incredible job on your figure and facial drawings, jimjimo. Love the simplicity of the forms and strength of the forces. Way to go!!

So if I was to say that when it comes to faces, there are some too many itchy lines in most of the 10 minute poses. (but otherwise, the gestalt is still clear in the expressions) Would you please be the most loosest and boldest with some 9 minute, 59 second poses of expressions? (599 second). The reason, to help make your facial relationships the least stiffest, and the most solidest, but fluidest and liveliest, in order to better visualize imagined expressions.

Now let's move on to the figure. I love how expressive your gestures are going on in your nude figures, but some the proportions and angles are farthest too rigid and shakiest. Would you please help youself on drawing the lightest, longest, largest and liveliest lines of action and lines of rhythm with a 299 second pose?? (custom timer; 4 minutes, 59 seconds) As a result, your poses and lines of action, and lines of rhythm will become the most loosest and liveliest. For even more information, please check out this video below.

Now keep in mind that some of the drawings don't have to be that too slickest, but it's the regular part of your process.

My hat's off to you and your goal, and I hope this has been completely, totally and absolutely encouraging.


Thank you! this has been infact very encouraging and I seek to improve myself even more! Thank you for the resources I will check these out as soon as I can, thank you for taking the time to critique me and provide these tips.

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