by Noobuu24, August 17th 2021 © 2021 Noobuu24

I really like this! I love the motion and the preciseness of the post, opposed by the orange shock of hair. Maybe work on facial details ☺


Thank you!

Polyvios Animations

Hey, hey, hey, Noobuu24, I really DO say that I think you know where you're going with these figures. I really feel that you have a greater feeling of the flexibillity of the figure forces.

My littlest problem is that some of the lines and gestures have too much itch and scratchiness, and the energies are far too choppiest for my sensibilities. Would you kindly be the most too ruthless and freeest with your lines, shapes, spaces and forms with a 5 and 10 minute drawings of the figure drawings? (one normal,the other flipped horizontal)

The reason why you could and would do this suggestion is because, by flipping the drawing, you'd be able to put away your symbol system. And, to get to make your edges and graphic spaces the least stiffest, and the most solidest, but fluidest and liveliest. If you're the most curious about this, please check out this link here: Download There! Cheers to you, and I hope you'll find this information helpful and educational.


Thank you!

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