contour study - week 1

by Dot Fair, August 27th 2021 © 2021 Dot Fair
Polyvios Animations

Excellent job on your pose after your contour exercises, DotFair. Very greatest job. That's some very, very boldest strokes. Is that black wax Crayola? Charcoal, maybe??

My bone to pick with this doodle is that some of the line quality is kinda adequate enough, but it's not really there yet. Would you kindly draw the long and larger lines with 30 more minutes of 29 second poses and gestures of figures?? (about 62 ruffs)

The logical explanation is, generally, as a result, your lines will become the most loosest and liveliest in your output and quality in your contours, even if you're just moving your hands. For furthest details, be sure to look into one of our forums:

Good for you and your aims and goals.

Dot Fair

Thanks for all your great and encouraging crit. Also the link to the forum. I will do more quick 30 seconds sketches to loosen up my hand and linework I am using a charcoal pencil.

Aunt Herbert

I wouldn't worry with the details of the head and face so much at this point, just a sphere for the skull with a triangular extension for the chin will do. Add one line where the eyebrows are, and a perpendicular line where the center of the face is for orientation, and done.

Generally, your main focus for quite a while will be to reduce details and to focus on drawing big forms. Also, try to use long, determined lines, drawn out of your elbow or shoulder. It's more important at the moment to find a way to make your lines look neat and pretty, than to match the reference 100% at all time.

Your acquaintance with proportions will grow mostly naturally with trial and error, improving your line quality needs some conscious decision.


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