30 min - Animal - 09/08/21

by Ms Impossibility, September 8th 2021 © 2021 Ms Impossibility

Order is top to bottom, left to right.

Diana Coto

Great job capturing the basic shapes and forms of all these animals :)! I would watch the weight volume of some of the forms. The last two have great details and weight, but the heavier lines on the outside makes it a bit confusing to what's overlapping in the animal and what's not. Overall I really love this :D

Polyvios Animations

Greatest job on your animal animation sketches, msImpossibility. Very, very, very, very, very, very greastest job on your quickest animal sketches that communicate action and mood.

My tinest, smallest, littlest and insignifigant suggestion is that though you are capable with capturing motion and emotion in your figure sketches, but fun fact: did you know that you can do this same thing with animals, too????? Some of the animal sketches have a bit far too much of an excess of 10 lines. Would you please kindly loosen up your line proficiency with a 5 minute blind contour drawing of any animal you need and want? Followed by 30 minutes of 28 second scribbles of mammals and critters. (1800/28 seconds=64 drawings of beasts and more.)

The reasons is because of a) to be able to make your animal anatomies the least stiffest, and the most fluid. b) To make your lines of action of the animals to be the most strongest than reality itself. c) To help make your speed polished up the most.

Greatest luck to you and your goals, too.


Ms. I,

It is handy to know the anatomy of any living thing you're drawing because you know what to draw even when not looking at the being. But! remember anatomy is not always essential. If you pay close attention to the plains and basic shapes, you can draw anything.

What I am really getting at is don't get hanged upon the fact that you're drawing animals. Just draw and let it flow. I wonder if you applied this approach your hand would be more delicate upon the page/(tablet?) because the pressure is off.

I find when I really want to draw something and try to squeak towards perfection on the first draft. Or if I hold my breath, or I am not relaxed my pencil marks get darker.

Music can also affect your drawing too. Try to listen to something that feels light and airy to you and most likely your pencil marks will reflect that.

Just suggestions to thing about and to try.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art

Tx Williep

Very nice animal sketches. L-o-A has a section on animals that you should visit & start drawing the animals contained there. Online for free, you can get information on animal anatomy (muscles & bone structures). Armed with that information you can make much stronger drawings. Get studying and know that practice makes better.

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