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by Asparagus, September 9th 2021 © 2021 Asparagus

Why does it look so.... round this time? Do not like the iRobot feel...

Polyvios Animations

Very, very, very, very good work on your solid drawing and balance in this pose, asparagus.

Agreed on the iRobot feeling in this, which brings up to my opinion on this pose, would you please loosen up your dominant and non-dominant hands with 15 minutes of 30 seconds of personality and attitude sketches????? (30 mood poses of the figures)

The reason why you would and should do this tiny, littler suggestion is because, you be able to shed away of the comfort zone called iRobot, in order to better focus on your range of expression and movement.

Cheers, and good luck to you and your goals.


M. Asparagus

I think you lost it a bit in the legs. They have that I am gonna float to the surface of the water feel about them.

Mostly the bottom gesture doesn't match up with the top gesture.

Wandering thought, and a Question

Did you change your music, podcast or talk to someone in the middle of your drawing? Often when our mood changes, so too do our inspirations. A small thing like the ones mentioned above has a big impact on our subconscious. They really affect the art we create.

If that is what transpired, you are not alone. I, too, have had this happen. It's weird but essential to streamline your work environment's overall mood to produce constant drawings.

Good luck!

All the best

JCML Fine Art

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