30 second - 1 minute gesture drawings

by Drewink, September 21st 2021 © 2021 Drewink

Hi all, getting back into drawing after years of hiatus. Trying to work on confident linework, proportions and being more efficient in the time given. Forgive the poor quality. Thank you!!!


They look great to me, I wish my quick drawing were half as good



I think you might want to draw larger, or fewer images on the same page. Often if we place something on a page it affects how we draw the next drawing.

I suggest no more than 3 to a page. I think you will be surprised by just this simple task.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art

By the by, your main figure (middle right) has a lovely set of knees. I rather enjoyed looking at them.

Polyvios Animations

Welp, drewink, I'm thinking you're doing the most fantastic job on your action sketches for 30-60 seconds. Bravo! Way to go!!

My tiniest suggestion to you is, though you're making greater progress in your lines, but a couple of poses are not getting enough of the emotional skeletons in your lines of action, lines of balance, and lines of rhythm. Would you please be able to draw from your complete elbow and shoulder, instead of your wrist, with 15 minutes of 29 second figure attitudes? (900 seconds/29 second poses=about 31 attitudes)

The logical thing behind is your poses will become the most caricatured and loosest in your organic graphic shapes and lines, they will be the least stiffest, as time goes by.

Practice makes progress, and progress makes perfect

Brian Boulger and Polyvios Animations

Good luck to you and your current progress.

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