"Oh No! What's This?"

by Jcmlfineart, September 23rd 2021 © 2021 Jcmlfineart

It was done as part of a practice session with poses less than 30 seconds in length.

My current goal is: Reduce stiffness and make my drawings feel more dynamic, energetic, fluid.

I tried to work with a new medium; round brush pointed tipped markers. And it shows. I am not used to the pressure difference between a brush and a pencil. I hope the switch will make me more focused on what kinds of lines I am making over time. But right now, it's just a headache.

I think it shows the amount of work I need to do to get to the next level.

Do you work with brushes instead of dry pigments? Do you got any suggestions or tips? I am all eyeballs.

Enjoy your next pigment adventure. As for me, I am tired and probably need a cookie.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art

Polyvios Animations

Marvelous job on your 28-29 second quick sketches, jcmlfineart. Very, very, very, very great indeed on your speed and proficiency. What I love is your quicker range of motion and movement in your figures.

My suggestion is that, though you may want to improve your quick sketching with some time, but your poses are getting there, but not quite appealing yet. Would you please free yourself and your hand up with 1 hour of 28 second poses, all flipped horizontally? (3600 seconds/28 seconds=129 poses) (with a goal to work on your right side of your own brain.)

The reason why you could do this suggestion, given this tip, is because, of two different things: a) to make your gestures the least stiffer, and the most dynamic, energetic and fluid, as your goal describes. b) to work on your broadest strokes as you really see them, instead of what you think you see.

Good luck,

cheers to your goal.

Polyvios Animations

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I gave it a go using your advice see what you think about my Topsy Turvy drawing.

Thanks for the exercise.

All the best,

JCML Fine art

Son Will


It's awesome that you're trying out new mediums. I need to take some inspiration from you because I don't do this as often as I should. One thing I do when trying out a new thing, is I just sit and make marks with it. Thin, thick, thick to thin, straight lines, curves, ovals, circles, squares, random squiggles. Sometimes I'll fill in a whole page of each. As far as your drawings here, I'd say 30 seconds, or less than that, is not anywhere near long enough to draw a full human figure no matter what medium you are using. I usually approach 30 second gestures with the mind set that I will try and get the general idea of the pose down. This means putting in the line of action, the tilt of the shoulders and the hips and the head. I'll try and get a general shape for the ribcage and the pelvis. If I have time I'll throw in what the arms and legs are doing. This also means no contour lines, no scribbles, and no details. I think focusing on that will help no matter what your medium, because the information you are trying to get out of the pose will always be the same. I see that you're working towards that general idea, but it also seems to me that you're trying to include the outline of the body, and 30 seconds isn't enought time for that. I hope this is helpful to you, and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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