"Backside Thoughts"

by Jcmlfineart, September 27th 2021 © 2021 Jcmlfineart

First 5 min drawing

The gesture is exaggerated, and the hand chest, ribcage positive to negative space was lost in trying to find the correct line. I feel I am over-focused on this area- that "All-encompassing determination to get that one bit right" lured me in again. And, like in most cases, it killed the gesture. In consequence of my frustration, I did not give myself time to work on parts of the story that would have made the better vision. I pressed harder and forgot I did not need to outline every aspect of the figure.

Yet, I digress. It is just a gesture. But If I am not slightly rough on efforts, I will never feel the yen to get a bit better.

I think it is time for some new exercises to get me out of my hunky chunk line funk. Got any suggestions?

Thanks for the reading, time and words you spend on my learning. I truly appreciate your efforts.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art

Polyvios Animations

Welp, jcmlfineart, I see where you're going with this drawn pose. I love how much range of exaggerated posing and motion in that backshot. Great job on this, too.

My one littler hitch with this is that though your gesture and lines are totally getting there yet, but I'm not getting enough of the cleanest lines and silhouette and negative silhouette here. Would you please be a little bit most cutthroat with a 3 minute pose of your figure study, with a custom timer here on this website? And then you could shade in the whole pose in graphite or any color, please?

The reasons why are because, 1) your poses will be able to work well with all the negatives. 2) your lineart will become the least harriest as you never went to before. Just trust me, for this thing will get better with time and myelin.

Practice doesn't make perfect; practice makes myelin, and myelin makes perfect.

-Daniel Coyle

For more hints, tips and tricks, be sure to pick yourself up a copy of that book, "The Little Book of Talent" by said author.

Good luck to you and your new goal.

All the excellence,

Polyvios Animations

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