"Reaching for You"

by Jcmlfineart, October 7th 2021 © 2021 Jcmlfineart

It was done as part of a 3-hour class.

My current goal is: Reduce stiffness and make my drawings feel more dynamic, energetic, fluid

Approximately 20 minutes. I got interrupted A Lot during a 30-minute drawing, so I am unsure how much time I spent on it.

What are your rules for other while working during studio hours? I share my studio space with communal space in the house, which I mostly like, but because I am there, I look available when I am unavailable. Do you get that problem too? How do you handle it?

I think I kept the gesture as to the drawing but maybe lost some of the better light in my shading.

Thank you in advance your your time and attention to my drawing.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art

Polyvios Animations

Awesome work on your movement, your forms, your details, and more importantly your bone structure, and most importantly, the muscles. Way to go on your loosest construction of the motion and emotion, jcmlfineart.

I've got one tiniest, puniest, smallest and littlest critique: I love how much of the proportions are, and how more well-articulated the angles are in your overall female nude body, and as for the legs, they could use just a little bit of more finessing to me. Would you please loosen up but show most care with your figure studies with some class that you could use a bit of 4-5 days, say, a 6 hour class? (all flipped horizontal and/or vertical, and regular)

The reason why you could and should do that class is because of one reason only: to help you out on your current goal, and to really get better the most with your human bone and muscle structures, regardless of benefiting your imagination of the poses. For more details, be sure to look up the Proko video tutorials and the Toniko Pantoja video tutorials.

Good luck to you and your current goal, and I hope this suggestion can and will be the most useful and supportive. Take care.

Polyvios Animations

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