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by DA1001tri, October 8th 2021 © 2021 DA1001tri

Haven't drawn for years. I'm discipling myself to draw something everyday. Getting back into studying art anatomy. It's like I want every drawing to be perfect and have a difficult time enjoying the process.

Artbyjune (unregistered visitor)

Wonderful. So energetic. Great lines. I like this style,

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Thank you - very encouraging


Hi Artbyjune -

Thank you for your feedback. I can be loose & use various media, but I want to work on anatomy knowledge and be accurate. After relearning the proportions I can then break the rules and go more abstract. Thanks again!


Beautiful use of the page/space. Maybe you could work on accentuating darks and lights. great start.


Perfectly discernable. The face seems a little forced, but geat for not having drawn in years.


Thanks. Yes, I got out of line on the face & kept trying to 'fix' it


I understand how inhibiting perfectionism can be. You're doing very well for just getting back into art after years of no practice; the porportions of the arm and torso are sound. Her face is a bit uneven, but this can be easily fixed next time by using guidelines to determine proportions (here is an example if you are unfamiliar with guidelines: ). I also like to hold my pencil drawings up to a mirror when I can--I picked this up from digital artists who flip their canvases. It shows your work from a different perspective and makes the mistakes apparent.

My advice for enjoying the process more is loosening up and drawing something purely because you want to. Practice is very important, but not all your art has to be anatomy studies and gestures, even if you feel like your skills aren't up to par. It's your hobby, do what makes you happy! Sometimes getting *too* deep into the technical skill hole makes you forget why you enjoy art in the first place, or at least I'm that way (so maybe take it with a grain of salt lol).


Thanks for very useful evaluation and the link. I agree - practice is practice and not being so hard on myself is important.


I love the lines and the confidence.

It is not stiff at all.

When drawing from life, you should reference your own points to other parts of the life you are drawing:

for example: check where the nose is compared to the elbow. When you keep referencing each point, you will have a more "correct" portray of what you are drawing.

Keep drawing and have fun :)



What I recommend is more or less starting 'again'. Just to go back to drawing very basic shapes and gestures. I does help to not do too much lighting since it may throw you off. Drawing something everyday is a great idea but it won't help if you start practicing incorrect anatomy, if you're aiming for anatomically correct drawings. Starting with the line of action and gradually adding more detail. Do the classes that the website offers to get an idea of everything. After that you can adjust the sessions to what you want to practice.

Personally, I did a week of just doing lines of action in 30 seconds sessions until I felt that I was very comfortable. Obviously you don't have to do that but more or less just start from the base up, as frustrating as it can be sometimes.

I really hope this helps. Good luck with your art journey


I love it


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