"Do I Stink?- The Elegant Sniff Test"

by Jcmlfineart, October 9th 2021 © 2021 Jcmlfineart

Drawing challenge using an emulator. Approximately 35 minutes? I used the challenge as a study to work out a painting that will be completed later next year.

Thanks for your edits and aid.

All the best

JCML Fine Art


You're totally smashing this challenge. I absolutely love it and I think you really took the challenge to an whole other level.


Great work!

Polyvios Animations

That's the most incredible job of figure drawing illustration I've ever seen, jcmlfineart. Greatest job on your edges, spaces, relationships (proportions and angles), and lights and shadows on your human anatomy on your nude pose.

My honest critique or two would and should be is that though your caricature is getting to be there in your anatomical structure, but it's just a teensy bit too rigider. Would you please be a little bit more livelier and more expressive with yet another 3 hour class mode of figure drawing?

The reason why you could and should do this is because, your proportions, foreshortening and caricature will become the least stiffest and the most dynaimc, vitalest, energetic, fluidest and liveliest.

Good luck, and my hat's off to you.



I did warm-up before working on this with a 3-hour session. Buuut... I took probably took a longer break than I should have- about 20-30 minutes to eat lunch. So, at the same time, you are completely right. I should have started right after or within the next ten minutes.

Thanks for the reminder not to dilly dally.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art


This is fantastic it works so well it's very hard to criticise anything. But if I was to offer any critique you request I would say the top half of the figure might benefit from a softer application. The bottom half is looser and softer, I think this approach to the top half would improve the overall look. But that's a small difference.



I agree. I think I got stuck by hyper-focus. While I was working more on the back, I was also thinking about how I wanted to place more emotion and sneak into the figures sniff test while we, the lover, are looking at her. But I don't think I executed that well.

After considering what you have said, I will have to think some more and do more studies of this pose to make it more apparent and dynamic to the viewer.

Thanks for the help!

All the best,

JCML Fine Art


I love the anatomical structure.

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