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Nice one , keep at it , keep blocking and defining the shapes . don't copy the model , try to come up with your own interpretation of the gesture.

Polyvios Animations

Say! That is the most wonderful first drawing you've ever posted, dedaehrood. Great job on your forces, forms, and fairly good on your details, on your figure. clothed and in backshot.

My suggestion is that some of the forms and details are watering down the forces too much to my tastes. And as for the forms in construction, it's very well articulated, despite the stiffness in the gesture. Would you please relax your hands with some warm-up exercises for the hands, followed by yet another 30 minute class mode of the figures?

1) As you do your warm-up exercises for your hands of varying dominance, your muscles and bones will become the most stretchy and flexible, thus benefiting for your sketches and drawings.

2) To encourage the gesture drawings and sketches to be the least rigider and all the more energetic, spontaneous and lively in the lines of action, balance and rhythm, especially when it come to your pose's sway.

Good luck, and all the best to you.



Why not try the pose again, but this time work with a rounded brush pen?

I suggest this because not all edges of the image need to be indicated. The viewer is more than willing to fill in the gaps that create the form. It forces the viewer to be more engaged in the visual redrawing process as they answer the question, "What am I looking at?"

Plus, it will teach you a lot about line quality and the economy of complete lines needed to express the forms gestural emotion.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art


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