Gesture drawing

by Carcai, October 19th 2021 © 2021 Carcai
Ori Concept Arts

Very good , keep at it . watch your line weight and when you feel ready for the next phase try to be more mindful where you apple lineweight emphasis.


I love the top right one. The way you captured her pose and the use of shape is right on, keep doing what you're doing


You have a lovely sense of proportion and shape and an obvious eye for detail. Sometimes in the shorter poses the form of the body is lost, however, as your lines are light and seem a little hesitant. You can push your drawing by being more decisive in those 1-2 min poses, using less lines, but doing more expressive gesture with them. This will allow you to fit more in the drawing as well. If you would like an example for what I mean, check out Proko's gesture drawing videos on youtube.

I think doing some blind contour drawing to further train your hand/eye coordination and accuracy will do you well too, and build upon those existing skills :) Good work!


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