"Nah-uh! Cinderella"

by Jcmlfineart, October 26th 2021 © 2021 Jcmlfineart

1-minute gesture.

My new goal is to draw for 33 days straight on time and see what happens.

I started my streak of 3 days. Today was supposed to be the fourth; the website sent me down today, to day 0, because I must have started just after the clock struck midnight cinderella style.

--->I live in the Uk, but a lot of my work and homework is in the United States. I am on a later shift, so my day starts later, which often means I am up later. My drawing times are not always in on time with miss Line of Action O'clock.

Dangit! I was cinderella, but I did do it. I went to the ball, swear. I have the shoe, I mean drawings, see!

(Actually, after writing down my reasonings, I feel compelled to do a more extended session with this pose and a ding dong London big Ben Cinderella falling off the clock, Hickory Dickory dock illustration.

Don't you love how your reasoning becomes more transparent for the venting of a few dunks on a keyboard? I guess you could call this a rambling brainstorm out of a moment of artistic frustration with deadlines.)


I need to start a "Settle in time" to perform a drawing session before 10 pm UK time, so I get my nice shiny you did it token from this website.

As to the drawing, I am rather happy with how it turned out for a minute pose. I can see further into what it could become, which is always promising for any future drawing session. It is perpetually better when ideas are a-blazing.

How do you best handle your drawing deadlines? Do you have any advice to reach goals or to improve the drawing or possible consept?

Thanks for all your help.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art


Veo que has hecho un buen trabajo, se entiende la pose. Para lograr tus objetivos, en cuanto al tiempo, trata de planificar tus horas de estudio vs tu trabajo. Creo que es importante que te traces metas que estes seguro puedas realizar, pues de lo contrario no se cumple y da un poco de frustración, suerte, eres un profesional!



I'd like to see more art to critique, if I understand your post, this is a single 1-minute piece?

I love the fluidity of the piece, it's moves and breathes. For me, I could not read the piece easily. At first, I thought this was an angle below a person who has their leg raised energetically (so that the center of the piece was their anus). It took me a while to read that this is a person hanging upside down. I would explore using more strokes focused on the "weight" or "gesture" of the piece rather than the outline as a possible response to this clarity issue (for me).

Good luck!

Polyvios Animations

Lovely! Lovely, lovely, lovely and fairy-tale-romantic job on your quick rough pose, Jcmlfineart! Way to go on those great lines of action, more importantly, lines of balance, and mostly, lines of rhythm.

But I've got one tiniest idea. I love those light sketchy lines, but those vague scratches have to go. Would you like to take most of the liberalness with 1 hour, 30 minutes of 59 seconds of poses of the figures, all on your special and personal timer, and all while standing up, sketching on your drawing board? (5400 seconds/59 seconds-roughly 92 warmups) The argument behind that is because, your females and more will able to be the most innocent, and...(don't know if I'm getting too adult), almost sensual, expressive, livelier, most spontaneous, personality-packed, and filled with all the vitality and energy, too. And if you TOTALLY wanna get your thing together, check out this totally excellent video here.

It's of a demo reel made from my favorite American artist, animator, and cartoonist, Milton Knight (Sonic The Hedgegog, Cool World, Felix, etc.) Check it out today and tonight!

Great luck to you and your progress, and I hope these have helped a lot!!



I am cool with doing an hour and a half of 1minute-ish poses.

The thing is standing it is not an option. I am wheelchair-bound, so the best I can do is sit in a higher chair. Do you think that would be a good supplement?

I do like Milton's work. I used to try to draw his cartoons on the weekends while they were playing on the tv when I was a kid. Thanks for the reminder of this artist! I will see if his style works as a good reference as I do a bit more mockups and studies.

Thank you for all your help. Your contributions to my art process are always full of insight. I am really glad to have you as an art buddy.

All the best,

Michellerose Cusack

JCML Fine Art

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