Day 1- tutorial sketches!

by Delphonse, October 30th 2021 © 2021 Delphonse

I was really surprised at how much easier it became once line of actions tutorial gave me advice. These are my favorite ones so far!

Fire Bandit2007

To be honest that is a lot better than mine.

Destiny Malone

I like how you labled with numbers and the way you can tell each art from eachother

Polyvios Animations

Bravo, bravo. An extraordinary drawing, Delphonse, an extraordinary job on your lines of action or strength.

'What worries me is that though there's some raw spontaneity and raw life in those quick warm-up sketches, but I'm not getting enough of the fact that they're alive and motivated from the soul. Would you like to please strengthen up your lines of action, rhythm and lines of tempo, by way of 6 minutes of 30-second figure attitudes, clothed or otherwise? The reason why is so that your lines of action will be able to become more self-assured with time, as part of a marathon. For more tips, be sure to look into Pick up a Copy of The Daniel Coyle Book

Good luck on your improvements, and I hope these have helped and supported you and your eternal journey.

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