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Kim - Site admin

Very recognizeable, and nice shading!

I think an area you'd get big benefits from focusing study time on is proportion. I would say, even though shading is very fun and tempting, take the time that you are using for shading and instead use it on a second pass to measure the body parts against each other. :) For example - how big is the hand in relation to the face in actuality? How big is it in your image?

Looking forward to seeing more from you!

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Polyvios Animations

Exceptional job on shading your lights and shadows on your figure rendering, veralydaine. Way to go on your line of action.

I'm not getting enough of the rawest vitality and energy in the lines of action, balance and rhythm. Would you kindly go with doing the 5 minutes of 30 second attitudes of clothed and/or nude figures? (10 drawings)

So, if your warm-up is complete, then your lines of action will be able to be the least rigidest and the most fluidest, alive and motivated from within. And if you really wanna see some more stuff, check THIS link out.

Good luck to your goals, and I hope this helps even more.

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