by Anakinana, November 23rd 2021 © 2021 Anakinana

Good practice drawings. I particularly like the "lines" behind the knees on the last page; you've captured a nice detail that helps bring the figure into 3D space!

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Thank you!

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Well, you've done an astonishing job on your quick and looser figure drawings, anakinana. Way to go on your line quality, gestures and weight. Keep them up!

My suggestion is that though that nude standing back shot is a bit too blander, despite the well worked out anatomy. Would you please free up your shoulder with 1 hour of 28 second poses of nudes? (3600 seconds/28 second poses=approximately 129 rough attitudes of turnarounds- and while you're at it, please try out our 360 degree turnarounds) So, that you'd be able to make your lines of action and rhythm the least rigid and stilted, and the most animated, cartoony and rawest in your lines of expressiveness. Check out this video, please.



Hope this helps, and take my advice with a grain of salt.

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Very talented Artist Anakinana

Epic poses very advanced

Wel done


These are some truly fantastic sketches and your skill with lines is confident. I'm curious as to how you find your dynamic line of action, and admire how you use square shapes and sharp angles on the human figure, as your figures look quite angular. You do really well with capturing the overall form. Well done!

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