Perfect Shapes Circle 4

by Jcmlfineart, December 5th 2021 © 2021 Jcmlfineart


Draw flat simple shapes in one stroke of your implement. Try to make them as perfectly symmetrical as possible.



These look good! Most of all they're impressively clean, with a single sweep that curves around and connects to where the line began. IMO connecting the line is the hardest part of drawing a circle. You've practiced varying sizes to a degree, but I'd like to see larger. That's when you need to engage your shoulder.

In case you haven't heard of drawing from the shoulder, it allows you to make large sweeping marks fast, and more accurate than if you'd draw from the wrist. I see your lines are a little stiff in places, and that might be because you draw the stroke with precision, aiming for the starting point and making a perfect circle. You could also try making swift strokes from the shoulder, it won't make the circle as round but the linework will be better.

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I do usually draw from the shoulder. But I wanted to work on accuracy from the wrist first, then move on to the elbow and follow up with the shoulder.

The idea was to start from where I know I have the most control and move out to where I have the least power.

I also agree with you. The work is not dynamic, but I also feel that's like a whole other level after accuracy. I really appreciate the enthusiasm tho! I do plan on working on dynamic drawing shapes. But that's later down the road.The exerizes is all about getting the basics right first before the fun stuff like line varring line quality can begin.

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