12/4/21 gestural hands

by Alcyonair, December 7th 2021 © 2021 Alcyonair

This is a part 2 of my drawing progress. I have been trying to take the advice of the people that commented originally and I know I still have to do the shading advice.

I would appreciate any critique but something I was very much focused on this time was having more movement in the hands. Any tips or comments about this would be greatly appreciated but any type of critique was appreciated. thank you. These are 2 minute hands.

previous image.

Drago Nano

First of all: those hands look great! They remind me of sketches made by the masters of old masters, and they are certainly better than mine. Take this with a mountain of salt because my hands are not 1/3 as good as those.

Second: I have only two tips:

1 Draw with a darker pencil, it will be easier to see your mistakes and successes, for both you and other people.

2 It appears to me that the hand volumes and..." thickness" are not properly shown. What I advise is that you draw more hands from the sides (like the hands praying) or together with other hands (hand holding together).

Again take my advice with a mountain of salt, my hands are not 1/3 as those sketches. And you are probably way more experienced and learned than me.

Best wishes and keep practicing.


Omg I appreciate your comment in the first paragraph so much thank you. I'm grateful and humbled. And thank you for the comment about the hand width. I focus a lot on fingers but I should try to indicate the side planes of the hands more. I bought big newsprint paper to draw more with my shoulder but I'm also going to be indicating light and darks with it as well. But I'll include more detail in the base of the hand in my sketch 2 minute hands too.

Drago Nano

Np, good luck with your studies. Send me a message when the next stack is ready.


I LOVE this!!! You did such a great job!!! I honestly don't know how to critique this but I wanted to leave a nice comment :)


Thank you, you're so kind

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