12-10-21 session

by Alan Callaghan, December 10th 2021 © 2021 Alan Callaghan

Done as part of a 1 hour class.

My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form

Thanks for any feedback!


Me encanta la pose, la cara y sus expresiones. ¡muy buen trabajo! una observación sería que la parte izquierda del dibujo es un poco más grande en comparación con la parte derecha Y tal vez las extremidades no se conecten entre sí, puedo recomendar el tutorial de 15 minutos que ofrece Y tal vez las extremidades no se conecten entre sí otro, puedo recomendar el tutorial de 15 min que ofrece Line Of Action, creo que podría ayudarte, de nuevo, muy buen trabajo !!

Drago Nano

First of all, this might be a comic book sketch, the style and marks are there, you did a good job.

Second: http://waylands_forge.tripod.com/123/figure3.htm
Several points are off, the head is too big, the left leg is too big, the two arms have different proportions. Several details and subtle differences, that you capture with the pencil sketch, aren't present on the ink one.

Third: Keep at it, your linework is good and confident.

What I might suggest is: do a few 1m and 30s gestures, trying only to capture the various joints, pieces and proportions of the human body (draw stick figures). Once this is done, apply the knowledge to your 5m and 10m drawings.

Best wishes and keep practising!

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Looks great so far! I think the transition from the stomach and waist to the legs is too harsh, it flows a little more naturally in person. I would try imagining the thy starting at the hips instead of starting under the clothing. I like to draw an oval where the hips and stomach meet, that might make it a big easier. I would also make sure to add the clothing after the overall form is done. Otherwise it looks great, keep up the good work and good luck :) I hope this was helpful for you.

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Sarakans (unregistered visitor)

The Line quality is Nice! You might want to try capturing the gesture more organically first, laying down the base quicker. So you dont spend Time perfecting a figure that feels a bit stiff! Hope this helps ;D

Polyvios Animations

I love how much of a great job on communicating weight in your body construction, Alan_Callaghan. I'd love to see you keep up even more. Great job on your perceptions of edges, spaces and relationships.

My suggestion is that some of the lines are a bit too heavy, and I'm not getting enough of the flexibility of the lines of rhythm and action. Would you kindly free up your dominant hand with a, if you haven't already (if you want another,) 2 minute figure sketch. And while you're at it, check out this link please.

The arguement, your pose will look and feel like a comic pose, in terms of visual storytelling, and get your anatomy to have the most powerful gestures. Feel free to bookmark this link, along with these images.

Good luck, and I hope you'll get better as time will go on.

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