Quick Figure Drawing lesson

by S0cks, December 11th 2021 © 2021 S0cks

I didn't know this website had an actual community behind it. I was an art student until I graduated and I really miss art and practicing. My skills are very rusty thus.

Feel free to critique! I want to draw more regularly again to become better.

Stella Lucida

Try to make more fluid (less choppy) lines. That way you can see what things are, when you look back at it later. Also, guide lines can help with this. Other than that, it looks good :D



If you want more involvement, consider joining our study group, "Fellow artist-Creative Family" and try some of the assignments?

Why not get a big digital round brush and work on your mass drawing instead of line drawing. I think it will help you understand/review how to create volume on the page in a way that line drawing can't achieve.

If you are looking for an excellent book to aid your drawing efforts, I recommend Human Anatomy for Art Students by Sir Alfred Fripp.

All the best in your scratchings,

JCML Fine Art


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