1 Hour Class

by Daydream23, December 14th 2021 © 2021 Daydream23

Second part - done as part of 1 hour class!

Th Blnd Dmplng

looks really good i think in the later sketches you should focus more on basic structure/proportions before going into the anatomical details. for example your 4th and 5th sketch look as tho they have little weight. awesome work keep it up :)


In general, this looks quite good!

I would suggest using a wider range of value though -- especially in the five minute drawings, it looks like you basically just shaded the whole figure the same color. I might suggest focusing on form for the shorter drawings and only shading when you have enough time to do it justice (the ten and thirty minute drawings have a better range)

But yeah, looking good!

Polyvios Animations

Wow! What a fantastic work on your 1 hour's worth of figure pictures, Daydream23. Nice job on all of your gestures, anatomy and perspective and proportions.

My suggestion that's really important to you is that some of the lines are far too darker and heavier for us. Would you please work on your light touch with our PDF file of the pencil shading workbook here?

As a result, as well as your heavier darks you've got here, so can you work on your light values and underdrawings for the forces.

Hope this helps, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


I recognize the bottom, right pose as being one of mine. While I am not an artist who uses paper and pen/pencil, I can say that you captured the mood I was trying to portray quite well. Each image, each pose tells a story and you captured it!


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