by Janhackstrom, December 17th 2021 © 2021 Janhackstrom

looks great! id say start to include more shading to build up shapes and character :) shadows and highlights will really make it look 3D

Polyvios Animations

Love the subtle and nuanced job you've done on your profile, Jan. I love how very solidly drawn your edges, spaces, proportions, and angles on your face.

My biggest issue with it is that though your style is sketchy and energetic lines, but I'm not totally getting enough of the bolder, crisper, and clearer edges. Would you kindly be able to 30 minutes of 27 second quick heads in different designs and styles, all flipped horizontally, vertically, and hortzontal and vertical? (1800 seconds/27 seconds=67 quick noggins)

Because if you do these quicker heads, then your lines of action and ranges of expression will become the most bold and powerful in your facial expressions and features, and to get your light touch going and moving, even if you're doing your ballpoint pens (I think).

Good luck to you and your march of progress.


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