25 min drawings from class time

by Marcine, January 3rd 2022 © 2022 Marcine

Been drawing on and off for many years. Just getting back into it again. I love drawing from life but COVID has changed that a bit. Always looking for tips to improve. I love to learn.

These drawings are from a class format of female nudes. The first page is the quick gestures and the next 2 we're 25min online.

Im struggling a bit with proportion, head hands but it will come again with practice. It's amazing to me how One day it comes and the next it doesn't. Lol!

Suggestions welcomed.


Your shading is very well done; however, consider double-checking plumb lines and proportions before adding details ... this makes it easier to erase when realizing something's off (personal experience *sigh*)

The girl on the left has much better composition, but there is something off with her right hip.

Overall. I love you use of white for the highlights contrasting well-blended darks and textures.


I agree with all said. i think it will take more practice to get htis on track. Do you have any sugestions for how to check plumb lines? I have been holding my drawing tool up to the angles and then trying to transfer that same ange to the paper. Any other tips are appreciated.

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