Raphael Study

by Ruben1312, January 22nd 2022 © 2022 Ruben1312

My first post here on this site,i dont know if this fits here tho. Big one is by Raphael originally, the old guy i did without any referene. Both were done by drawing from the shoulder which i have been practicing the past few week with graphite and white pastel. Any feedback would be gratly appreciated :)


The detail on both of these pieces are really great! One thing that may help you going forwards is to consider the three-dimensional shapes of the forms you are trying to represent. I found that doing studies of shapes like cubes and cylinders from all angles really helped me to warm up to this idea.

In my own experience, doing studies of pre-existing pieces of art less means recreating the exact image, and means more to think how the artist of the original piece must have thought. How was this piece conceived? What did Michaelangelo reference from when making his sketches? What was the process involved in arriving at this final piece?

good luck moving forward :) i hope this critique helped!

Polyvios Animations

Hello, and good morning, ruben1312. I love how much a great job on your Raphael pastel study so far. Way to go and keep this up, please.

My suggestion for your old man, which I think you've drawn from imagined images, is the one where the left arm is a teensy bit too shorter for me. Would you please go over this one with a 30 second quick sketch? The reason why you would and could do this idea is because, to get into the broad strokes over the details, especially if you have to redraw your own pictures.

Hope this helps you out the most. For more details, be sure to look at some 3-D art figures online. Good luck.

Polyvios Animations

Disfunctioning Potato

The old man sitting on the rock is very well drawn. However, do shade a little darker in the shadowy areas to give greater contrast and depth. Just a little improvement is needed for hands and facial expressions, so that your drawings will turn out to be masterpieces. I also really like how you used white pastel to make the lighter areas pop out, and also used contour shading efficiently.

Sydney Grace

The destabilize here is great! The one thing I noticed off was the left arm on the man looks a bit short.


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