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Anime Beginner Acct

Can't really offer much in the way of critique. I think all the forms make sense. Very well done

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Sydney Grace

This is really good, dont really have mush critique to offer.

Gardner Littleton

You're doing a great job capturing the shapes of each limb! Continue cementing that. There are some figures where the legs seems longer than they should, as well as torsos that feel a bit small. It's hard to adequately estimate given we dont have the references. I'd reccomend trying this technique to judge the accuracy of your proportions. Draw as you would off of a reference, digitally physically however. Then take that finished drawing and the reference and put them both into whatever digital drawing program you use (clip studio paint, photoshop, etc.), then lay your drawing directly over the reference (set the layer to multiply or edit the overlay) and look at how accurate your proportions are. VERY good way to critique your work directly, you can also go and make any corrections by tracing what you messed up. You can also take several poses and draw the proportions over them. Look out for resources talking about "simplified forms", love how you're doing it here so you clearly have already gained some knowledge there. Love how you're simplifying the knees and your understanding of hands is awesome too!


[color=#fffff]thanks[/color] [color=#fffff]I[/color] [color=#fffff]will[/color]

Polyvios Animations

Good morning to you, Cannan, this is Polyvios, how are you doing today? I'm very, very, very speechless on your ideas, practices, and execution of the figure drawings so far. Just go as far as you can go, and then go farther. You keep on pushing the drawings, and pushing them, until they're too much.

I've got one smallest and insignifigant idea: I'm really not totally getting enough of the directness in the posing and forms. Would you like to be OK with 30 minutes of 1 minute warm-up poses? Your solid drawings will become the least stiffest and mathematical, and the most organic and liveliest in the storytelling drawings. For most details, click here. My hat's off to you, and keep up the greatest job.

早上好,Cannan,我是 Polyvios,今天过得怎么样? 到目前为止,我对你的想法、实践和绘图的执行非常、非常、非常无语。 尽可能走多远,然后走得更远。 你继续推动图纸,推动它们,直到它们太多。

我有一个最小和微不足道的想法:我真的没有完全理解姿势和形式的直接性。 您想在 30 分钟的 1 分钟热身姿势中保持良好状态吗? 在讲故事的图画中,你的实体图将变得最不僵硬和数学化,也是最有机和最生动的。 有关详细信息,请单击此处。 我向你致敬,继续做好最棒的工作。

早上好,Cannan,我是 Polyvios,今天過得怎麼樣? 到目前為止,我對你的想法、實踐和繪圖的執行非常、非常、非常無語。 盡可能走多遠,然後走得更遠。 你繼續推動圖紙,推動它們,直到它們太多

我有一個最小和微不足道的想法:我真的沒有完全理解姿勢和形式的直接性。 您想在 30 分鐘的 1 分鐘熱身姿勢中保持良好狀態嗎? 在講故事的圖畫中,你的實體圖將變得最不僵硬和數學化,也是最有機和最生動的。 有關詳細信息,請單擊此處。 我的帽子向你致敬,並保持最偉大的工作。

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