Face Studies 2/2/22

by Nere Kapiteni, February 3rd 2022 © 2022 Nere Kapiteni

Two 5min poses + one 10min pose. Part of a 30 minute class.

Sped up a bit as per a critique recommendation. Forcing myself to keep moving instead of nitpick details. Improvement: At least hair is getting drawn in now 😃

Feel like I'm still missing some serious fundamentals with these sketches. Going to watch a couple videos of head&face gestures and see if incorporating some other methods might help as well, and maybe do away with some bad drawing habits.


The profile and 3/4 faces are quite nice. These ones are succesful because these position more directly communicate where the bone structure on the face is and the effect that it is having on how the person looks. The frontal face is more difficult to draw accurately because if the lighting is neutral, you have to rely on your own personal understanding of the skeleton to inform the placements and proportions on the face. Drawing a bunch of anatomically correct skulls from all angles will help, because it will give you more concise iformation about what a face looks like as a 3 dimensional thing.

Gardner Littleton

Yeah it's a process, really liking what Trhel2 mentioned. I've seen people do a 360 set of boxes but faces in them, that can be a little overwhelming all at once though so I like how they mention just practice anatomically correct from all angles. It looks like you're already using something similiar to what Proko informs (thereby Loomis). Not totally convinced on the side plane of the head if so (though honestly it's not an effective method to attacking the head in my opinion). Looking at other ways of simplifying the head will strengthen especially if you plan on attacking with timed poses, checking out bridgeman may help? but I like the Morpho books personally, and they divy up the skull beautifully too. Though, I think you're already on your way to finding out what works for you, you already have a good idea how to place things, the only place that learning more about form would help is the proportion of the cranium in your bottom left work and you're already working with the sphere, so I'd say just keep going and attack from more angles, that timed run seems smart, think ill be trying that out myself!

Polyvios Animations

Good evening, Nere Kapiteni, this is Polyvios, how are you doing tonight? Great work on your head designs, gestures, constructions, and lines of action. I absolutely love how much shapes, lines, spaces and forms so much!

However, I've got one small suggestion: I love your gestures and lines of action, but they don't look and seem a bit more dynamic and actiony. Would you kindly loosen up your arms with a 5 minute head, face, and expression, one from model, one from memory, and one from imagination? You'll be able to really: a) To make your heads and faces more fluid, dynamic, and lively. and b) to speed up your memory and accuracy and creativity. If you really want more info, be sure to look into some drawing books off Amazon on how to draw faces and heads, really like the ones on our website. Hope this helps.

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