10mins costume

by Dessertknife, February 16th 2022 © 2022 Dessertknife

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Reduce stiffness and make my drawings feel more dynamic, energetic, fluid


You really caught up with a moment! Very nice line and skillful handling of proportions.


Thank you!


I can see very active movement in this drawing and can imagine where the figure is moving their frame. The lines are also concise and energetic even though the are heavy. I like that you chose to leave a lot of the fabric folds to imagination, because it allows for movement of the frame tostand out more. The only thing I would say as a critic is that the depth of the movement within the figure is a little lost, which could be improved by varying the thickness of line throughout the piece.


Thank you for your suggestion! I will use some brushes which can vary their thickness next time.

Polyvios Animations

Good afternoon, Dessertknife, how are you? Again, consistently greatest show of drawing skills of the wrinkles and draperies on the body. Please keep going and don't stop.

Here's my one smallest issue with this drawing. I love how much liveliness, but it doesn't seem extreme enough in terms of the lines' exaggeration, in terms of how far you can push. Would you please mind if you could work the fastest and cheapest if you could warm-up with 1 hour 35 minutes of 30 second rough doodle poses? (5700 seconds/30 seconds=190 rough scribbles on the cheap.) The reason is because, it can, shall, and in the future, will be able to be the most gutsy in your lines of action and organic quick sketches in your poses of a variety of characters. For furthest infos, look up this link for its pictures. They can inspire you. Good luck to you, and I hope this link has supported and benefited you so very much.

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