by City Lights, February 18th 2022 © 2022 City Lights

I used a reference for the bottom two. I know the ones at the top aren't all that good.


I love your style, and the expressions and personality in these!

I think the arm behind the head of the green character, on the bottom is a bit to big, but otherwise the anatomy looks very good.


I think the ones you did at the top half came out nice and I think if you worked on more anatomy with similar perspective I think it'll look more fluid. Perspective seems to be the main issue besides practicing more anatomy but i think it still looks good. The bottom half also came out nicely and the references helped you keep the anatomy natural and together.

Polyvios Animations

Good afternoon, CityLights, my name is Polyvios. I doing better than OK, how are you? I love how much of the cartoony and natural poses and expressions you've got into your dancing poses and attitudes you've got going. They remind me of the works of Rebecca Sugar. Greater job on your constructions, proportions, angles, spaces, shapes, graphic lines, lines of action, balance, and rhythms. Keep going far, and then farther, and later, farthest.

I've got one smaller, littler question: How long did you spend on that drawing. My smaller, critique is that your forms seem a bit too flatter and mechanical, and your forces could use a little bit more pushing. Would you please loosen up your hands with 14 minutes of 2 minute silhouette drawings? (7 sketches) As a result, if you've worked with the live-action refs, then you could be able to retain the guts of the photos just a little bit more, to boost up the acting and choreography. For further info, be sure to look into this link and more. Good luck to you and your future goals, and I hope you'll make it big someday in animation, art, and cartooning.

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