Color Pencil nude

by Karuso2667, February 22nd 2022 © 2022 Karuso2667
Polyvios Animations

Good afternoon and hello, Karuso2667. I'm Polyvios, how are you? I'm fine, and you?? Say, I love how much range of skin color and tone you've gotten into your nude so much. Very solid and well-defined anatomical structure. Greatest jobs on your edges, shapes, spaces, forms, proportions and angles, colors, and values, and your gestalt. This should be portfolio worthy. What portfolio is this rendering for? Keep going on your greater progress. I'm getting a bit too iffiest with your eraser damage on your lines, because of the too harsher and heavier lines in your construction. Please loosen up your dominant hand and non-dominant hand with 15 minutes of 1 minute (60 second) warm-up sketches? (15 poses)

The reason why you could and would go with this improvement is because, if your next goal is to make your poses less stiffest and the most dynamic, vital, and energetic. For the most inspirtation and pointers, be sure to look into this Bridgman collection book.

Hope this helps and support you the best.

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