My sketch practice for Mar.1.2022

by Salmon7695, March 1st 2022 © 2022 Salmon7695

My sketch practice for Mar.1.2022

Polyvios Animations

Hello there, Salmon7695, it's me, Polyvios Animations, how are you doing today? Great work on your gestures of the figures and poses, and I especially love how much form, proportions, and values you've gotten into your sustained attitude.Keep up the great work.

My smaller suggestion is that your figure's lines of action and rhythm is not stronger enough to me. Would you please loosen up but solidify roughly with 16 minutes of 2 minute gestures of character figures? (8 sketches) The reason is that your forms and anatomy will become the most loosest and more appealing and natural in your line economy and quality. for more details, be sure to look into a link of Nick Meglin's Drawing From Within, so you'd have to sign up and borrow. This link is the best you've got. Hope this helps you out very much.

Cromagnum Pixie

Your quick gesture studies are very nice, simple and to the point reflecting weight very well. I love that you applied a shadow study in with your gestures. Try to identify the shadows at their feet too, that can be forgotten in some cases and then the figure looks like an out of place sticker with no grounding point.


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