by Payson, March 24th 2022 © 2022 Payson

作為 30 分鐘課程的一部分完成。


Polyvios Animations

Good morning, payson, my name is Polyvios Animations, how are you doing today? Marvelous job on your rendering and articulation of the faces and expressions. Marvelous work, indeed. Please keep up the good work.

But, however, I've got one small suggestion: Some of the faces middle to above the page don't seem to be moving enough to me, and the forms could use a little bit more pushing in the organic forms. Would you please free up your dominant arm with 46 minutes of 2 minute faces and expressions, using a different medium, such as a wax crayon, or an oil pastel? (23 sketches)

If you'll work with wax sticks and oil pastels, you'll get a bit more freedom of movement with the lines, especially if you just peel off the labels just a little bit, because you could and would go for more variation of the lines, and to push and pull more of your expressive shapes, spaces, and forms. For further tips on facial lines and relationships, visit this link right here. Good luck and have a nice day.

早上好,佩森,我的名字是 Polyvios Animations,你今天好吗?您在渲染和表达面部和表情方面的出色工作。了不起的工作,确实。请保持好的工作状态。

但是,然而,我有一个小建议:页面中间到上方的一些面孔对我来说似乎不够移动,并且表单可以在有机表单中使用更多的推动力。你能用蜡笔或油画棒等不同的媒介,用 46 分钟 2 分钟的面部和表情来解放你的优势手臂吗? (23 幅草图)