by Payson, March 26th 2022 © 2022 Payson

作為練習的一部分完成,姿勢為 30 秒。


Felt a lot smoother

Polyvios Animations

Good morning to you, Payson, how do you do this morning? Great use of motion and gesture of the quick faces and quick expressions. Great work, but they didn't have to be really perfect.

But, those lines and forces could and would use just a little bit more pushing. Would you like to work with 47 minutes of 1 minute (60 seconds) quick heads and expressions, all flipped horizontal? As a result, you'd be more in touch with your right side of your brain, and you'd be able to make your faces less stiff, and more dynamic, spontaneous and specifically acting for your stories and characters. Here's this here link to look into from Western artist and cartoonist, Bob Camp, from his blog, his Nam comics. If you'd look past the utterly complex forms and details, then you'd see and feel more of the forces of the poses and faces. Good luck, and my hat's off to you.

早上好,佩森,今天早上你好吗? 快速面部和快速表情的动作和手势的大量使用。 伟大的工作,但他们不必非常完美。

但是,这些线条和力量可以而且会使用更多的推动力。 您想使用 47 分钟 1 分钟(60 秒)的快速头部和表情,全部水平翻转吗? 结果,你会更多地接触到你的右脑,你可以让你的脸变得不那么僵硬,更有活力、更自然,并专门为你的故事和角色表演。 这是西方艺术家和漫画家鲍勃·坎普(Bob Camp)从他的博客(他的 Nam 漫画)中查看的链接。 如果你看过去完全复杂的形式和细节,那么你会看到并感受到更多姿势和面孔的力量。 祝你好运,我的帽子给你了。


these are really expressive! nice job !

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