5 and 10 minutes sketches 03-27-22

by antbear, March 27th 2022 © 2022 antbear

Sketches from todays 30-minute-session.

The 5-minute-sketches feel okay to me, at least they reflect what i think my skill level is at the moment.

But the 10-minute-sketch seems to be too stiff or overworked. I don't know what it is, it just doesn't look right to me.

Polyvios Animations

Good morning, antbear, and welcome to Line of Action, this is Polyvios, how do you do tonight? I love the level of solidity and expression of the organic shapes and forms of your human poses. Keep up the great work.

Yet....I have heard your real problems of your 10 minute study. It's very stiff because you've solidified the gestures a little bit too much. Would you kindly free up your shoulder with 15 minutes of 5 minute gesture drawings? (3 sketches) If you want your goal to make your organic drawing less stiffer and even more dynamic, energetic, and fluider. If you want some useful tips and tricks to improve your life drawing and caricatures, and observation, here's a link to John K.'s older blog. It is a proposed cartoon college program. Just look into it for the figure drawing and observation sections. Good night, and hope these help.


Hey Polyvios, thank you for the warm welcome and kind remarks on my sketches!

And yes, I too think that the over-solidification is really my problem at the moment. I think I switch from the "feeling for the right line"-part to wanting it to look like a finished piece way too fast, and loose all the fluidity of my shorter sketches in this way.

For now, I will just do more of the 5-minute-sketches, as you suggested, and get better at just drawing what I see, without the need to get to a "finshed" piece.

Jellyfish Stingz

Hey, I am not used to human anatomy, but I really like this! good job


Thank you!

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