by Payson, March 30th 2022 © 2022 Payson

作為 1 小時課程的一部分完成。


You're able to capture movement in an incredible way and the fluidity of the poses makes the main line of interest a lot easier to understand. The only critique i have is that a lot of the details in the movement are blurred together in a way that you may not have intended. Good job! :D

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Polyvios Animations

I think that you're able to absolutely capture movement and animation in the organic shapes and forms in a more incredible way, and the life and energy of the poses makes the main line of action and the main line of rhythm a lot more easier to understand. My only major critique is that the details are making the forces too stiffer and too rigid for me and my perceptions. Would you please free up your dominant and non-dominant arm with your very first 30 minute class mode of figure drawings? As a result, your human anatomy, from refs or otherwise will and can and shall make them the least rigidest and the most cartooniest, most animated, and the most alive in our eyes.Hope this thing helps you out so much, and keep pushing yourself the farthest.


Wow, those are very smooth and energetic!

One thing I would recommend is to study some human anatomy to improve your construction and proportions but overall you're doing great at capturing the flow of the pose, well done :)