by Payson, April 10th 2022 © 2022 Payson



Polyvios Animations

Great job on your stylization and observation of the faces above. Love the believability and readability on each of the expressions, period. Please keep up the great work.

Most of these expressions above, like the expression on the right page on the upper left corner of it, don't seem a bit more feeling disdainful enough to me. Period. Would you like to free up your hand and arm with 1 hour, 1 minute of 29 second blind contour warm-ups of various faces, expressions, and facial anatomy warm-ups. As a result, your facial anatomy bones and muscles will look not only looking and feeling realistic, but more of a caricature and exaggeration of facial expressions and emotions. Kindly check out this video right here.


Keep up the great work. Hope these have helped you out so much.


Man I hope you understand english

Drawing are looking good, it seems youre headed to the right direction.

What it seems you need next is to understand the 3D form of the head, how to absorve the "thirds" division proportion of the human face ( google that; you can also find it with proko, Jeff Watts, Ryan Benjamin, Sinix, etc;). Visualizing the volume and only then placing the features of the face will help to create a more convincing face. I dont know, but from the drawing it looks like youre going to a more manga/anime style, in that case, look for Mark Crilley on youtube, he got lots of tutorials that will help out.

Resume: go to the next step, the structure of the human head. After that, get right with the thirds proportions, then go for the right placement of th features. You'll be good to go.

Nice journey, cheers.